Pocket's mission is to combine artistic creativity with technical fabrics. At the beginning of 2016 we decided to maintain the strong identity generated from Maya's unique prints and focus on making Pocket a genuine 'sports' brand. The result is a product that has not lost its fashionable identity but now boasts all that is needed for activewear. The result of this combination is a product that does not have to be type cast as a 'fitness' product. We want you to be able to wear Pocket throughout the day and night and always make a statement and feel comfortable. 


With every print hand painted by Maya, it is only right that every item should be unique for you the customer. For this reason our factory print and cut the products in such a way that every item they produce is different to the next. We can therefore say with pride they every item truly is an individual work of art, you can be sure that no one has the exact same item as you do. 


All the Pocket Sport collection is designed in the UK and produced in Portugal. We have spent as much time on the designs as we have making sure the technical performance is as high as possible. Even though we believe our product can be worn for all types of activities, they have all been made with technical fabrics that enable high performance first and foremost.