I am a Visual Artist. In 2005 I graduated my fashion design bachelors degree at Shenkar Collage of Engineering & Design, Israel. I came to London in 2006. I felt I needed to develop myself further as an artist and as a designer. London seemed the perfect place to do so as it holds the vast possibilities to engage with art, get inspired by it, create and take part. My first job was as a dresser and wardrobe supervisor at the Royal Opera House and the Royal Ballet. Watching the amazing productions and the artists/dancers triggered me to create images – installations, paintings and prints. I have collaborated with many of the dancers of the Royal Ballet, who inspired me immensely.

I experiment with concepts and photography. I make collages using Photoshop and mixing illustration. I am interested in the overwhelming amount of information we process, the “fast food” imagery, social media. Photoshop for me is something that symbolizes the times we are living in. Where everything is edited, and anything can be changed. The image world is music and I am a composer. Photography is a vital part of my work, I come up with concepts, research them, photograph them, illustrate them and create prints. These prints will sometimes become textiles, and will be made into garments. The cycle continues as I will photograph these garments on models/dancers and will make them into new prints.