How to Prepare for an Early Morning Workout

There’s a pretty solid divide between those who find working out in the morning the most effective method of getting fit, and those who cringe at the thought of setting their alarm an hour early to fit in a workout before the day starts.

But sometimes early morning is the only time we have to get some exercise in, because we’re so busy. Or, if you’re like me, because if you leave it until the end of the day you’ll talk yourself out of it.

So, if you’re going to get a workout in before the day gets going, you need to know how to prepare for an early morning workout. And that’s where we come in.

1. Pack your bag the night before.

Let’s face it, when you rush something it usually goes wrong. Using that logic, chances are that if you try to pack your gym bag early in the morning just before running out the door to get to the gym before getting to the office, you’ll probably forget something. And who wants to risk getting to the gym and finding that their leggings are still in the drawer at home? Get everything sorted the night before, so that you can grab your kit and go in completely stress-free state at a ridiculous time of morning.

2. Go to bed earlier.

If you’re going to get up earlier then you should probably go to bed earlier. It makes sense, right? You’re going to perform at your best after a good night of sleep. And you’re going to be able to do this throughout the day, and not just during your workout, if you turn your phone off and head to bed just that little bit earlier and get a longer stint of much-needed rest.

3. Pack a snack.

You need to re-fuel after a workout. If you’ve worked out in the morning, chances are you’re going to need a heartier breakfast than usual to sustain you until your lunch break. But we don’t always have time to head home after an early morning workout to whip up a gourmet breakfast. So, make sure you’ve packed a snack to tuck into on your way to work, or when you arrive, or mid-morning; whenever the hunger strikes!

4. Treat yourself.

Put your favourite shower gel in your washbag for that post-workout shower, take the extra-fluffy towel that feels a little luxurious when you wrap yourself up in it – basically, do whatever you can to keep that post-workout buzz so that your early morning workout becomes an enjoyable part of your morning routine. That way, you’re so much more likely to stick to it, and feel better all day for it.

5. New gym gear.

Maybe even new gym gear from Pocket Sport? Motivate yourself to get up in the morning by choosing an outfit that you feel good in, something that you’re excited to put on and show off to your fellow gym-goers. As with most things, confidence is key when it comes to completing an effective workout; you need to feel good in order to perform well. And  loving what you see in the mirror is a huge part of that, so why not treat yourself?

Hazel is a twenty two year old Spanish student and lifestyle blogger who is passionate about food, fitness and music, and loves to practice yoga and try out new recipes in her spare time. About to return from her year abroad in Andalucía, Spain, Hazel has joined Pocket Sport as a Content and Social Media intern. Expect new and original content based around food, fitness and how to obtain that healthy lifestyle in a way that best suits you.

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