What is a Morning Rave?

The sale of yoga mats, green juices and ginger shots are on the rise. It’s official: the desire to live a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and popular, and with that comes the creation of new kinds of workouts, aimed to entice and encourage us to enjoy getting a sweat on.

Morning Gloryville is just one of these workouts: a sober, morning rave designed to get you up and dancing, raring to go for the beginning of the day. So, what is a morning rave? Well, according to Morning Gloryville it’s the original morning dance party, and has paved the way for many more like it, which are popping up all over the country.


The rave runs for four hours (you can arrive and leave anytime between the start and finish) and offers energising music, massages, coffee, smoothies and yoga, along with motivation and encouragement from multiple costumed performers.

And with tickets available online from just £18.00, you’re getting a lot for your money, which is always a good thing in our opinion.


If you’re based in the US and fancy giving morning raving a go, but maybe take a little longer to get going in the AM, there’s always Daybreaker, a sober morning rave that starts with an hour of yoga. So you can get warm up a little before you get your groove on.

Like a lot of the morning raves, Daybreaker includes camaraderie, wellness and self expression amongst their core values. Sounds like great fun to us.


Up for giving morning raving a go, but not too keen on splashing too much cash right away, on a brand new experience? Shake Awake might be the one for you. With student early bird tickets from just £5, you’ve really got no excuse!

A Shake Awake sober rave mixes dance, yoga, massage and breakfast into one, mood-boosting session. Um, where can we sign up?


Have you tried out sober raving? What did you think? And if you haven’t, have we convinced you to give it a try? Let us know!

Hazel is a twenty two year old Spanish student and lifestyle blogger who is passionate about food, fitness and music, and loves to practice yoga and try out new recipes in her spare time. About to return from her year abroad in Andalucía, Spain, Hazel has joined Pocket Sport as a Content and Social Media intern. Expect new and original content based around food, fitness and how to obtain that healthy lifestyle in a way that best suits you.

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