5 Eating Habits to Improve Your Mental Well-Being

We have our own way of caring for our well-being, which helps us stay in high spirits. You might not realize that eating is one of those indulgences that not only allow you to take care of the physical aspect of yourself like your body, but also contributes a great deal to develop and maintain a healthy mental well-being.

When you are mentally fit, you wake up feeling good about yourself and feel that every day is something to look forward to. You feel a special kind of excitement and motivation getting out in your gym clothes and sticking to your fitness routine. A good mental well-being also makes you feel empowered at work, in school, and with just about anything that you have to do.

Indeed, cultivating the following healthy eating habits can contribute to you being physically and mentally fit at the same time.


1. Don’t skip breakfast.

There’s an expression that says you should eat breakfast as if you’re king, which is like saying your breakfast should resemble a feast in terms of the quality and quantity of the food you eat. Breakfast is the time to fuel your body and brain with a much-needed meal that you couldn’t have while you slept.

Although you might come across advice, which shoots down the idea that breakfast jump starts your metabolism, you might agree that it’s easier to ward off the temptation to overindulge during the latter part of the day if you didn’t skip your breakfast.

2. Watch your sugar intake.

Sugar is not bad per se. In fact, sugar becomes a primary source of energy for your body. The undesirable effects of sugar only start to happen when you eat food that’s loaded with sugar, and the excess sugar metabolizes into body fat.

When this occurs, your body becomes at risk for metabolic diseases that include obesity and high blood pressure. If too much of harmful fat gets into your bloodstream, your risk for heart disease also increases.

Ideally, you should limit your added sugar, which pertains to sugars or syrups contained in processed food, consumption to 25 grams for women, 38 grams for men, and 12 to 25 grams for children.


3. Snack smartly.

Taking snacks can benefit your health in terms of its physical, mental, and emotional aspects. On the physical level, you could feel your energy levels rise and avoid feeling lethargic when you have mini snacks during the day. Snacking can also enhance your memory and concentration, and give that feel-good vibes.

Needless to say, you have to make sure that you’re snacking healthily to reap those benefits. Otherwise, you might be feeding your body with empty calories that do nothing more than lead to weight gain.

The key is to take time to watch what you eat during snack time so that they’re not only satisfying, but also nourishing for your body.

4. Drink water, water, and more water.

Water is a vital component of a healthy diet, which easily translates into your overall well-being. There are a host of reasons water is way better than soda, but the top ones include water’s ability to help keep your body hydrated and get rid of toxins.

Drinking adequate amounts of water, whether still or sparkling water, keeps your bodily functions in check and avoids the buildup of stones in your kidneys. Water also has beauty benefits, giving you a supple skin that makes you look youthful and radiant.

The general rule that most of us know is that we should drink eight glasses of water each day, but some studies that recommend that you should base your water intake on your activity level, age, and other special needs.


5. Get vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

Health experts recommend that your everyday menu should include “five a day,” which refers to consuming a minimum of five portions of fruits and vegetables. Together, veggies and fruits provide a wide variety of nutrients that help your body and mind function properly.

It’s worth mentioning that vitamins and minerals also play an important role in preventing both physiological and mental disorders, so you’d do well in keeping fruits and vegetables as a necessary part of your diet.



As they say, health is wealth. You can do many things when you’re healthy inside out, and the first step is all about making conscious, consistent efforts to watch your eating habits. If it’s not good for your body, mind, and soul, then that habit is not worth keeping.

With her love for fashion and eye for detail, Louise has managed to combine her role at Pocket with the other aspect of her life that keep her very busy. Louise loves fashion shows and she has worked on high profile campaigns for retail giants such as Cadbury’s, O2 Network, Sony Mobile and Magnum.

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