5 Changes You Quickly Notice When You Exercise

You’ve always wanted to lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle, and start a fitness regimen. You may have already even started buying gym clothes to prepare for the fit and healthy lifestyle you want. But for many reasons, you can’t seem to start. Or, you may have already started working out, but you failed to keep to your fitness plans because, well, life.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, maintaining a fitness regimen isn’t all that difficult. The hard part is actually in starting one. You may feel like achieving your personal fitness goals is impossible or out of reach. But, once you take that very first step in your fitness journey, you’ll immediately notice changes in your body that will surprise you, amaze you, excite you, and annoy you—all at the same time.

When you know what to expect after your first few workout sessions will help prevent you from falling off the wagon and motivate you to keep going.


1. Your muscles will be sore.

When you work your muscles out, you create little tears in your muscle fibers. It’s when these muscles start rebuilding themselves back together that make it stronger and harder. Feeling sore a day or two after working out is normal. It may annoy you at first, especially when your muscles ache with even the tiniest movements you make.

The good news is that you’ll be less sore after your second or third workout session because your body has adapted to the muscle workout. When you work out a new set of muscles, you’ll experience a new bout of soreness. But then, you already know that it won’t hurt as much the second time around.

Plus, if the right set of muscles become sore after your workout, you know you’re on the right track! Remember those muscle tears we were talking about? Well, you want your muscles to have those tiny tears so they can rebuild themselves into stronger, harder muscles. That’s how you get insta-worthy abs like Louise Thompson.


2. Your energy levels will increase.

After your very first workout session, you’ll most likely feel tired and listless. Well, that’s expected as your body isn’t used to working out as hard as you just did. But, once your body adjusts, you’ll feel more energized after a workout.

You owe your sudden burst of energy to endorphins. Yes, endorphins are real!

Exercise will give you a boost of endorphins in your bloodstream, and these make you feel hyped and powerful. That’s right!

Exercise will make you feel utterly positive and good about yourself, making it a great way to prevent overall fatigue and fight stress, anxiety, and depression.


3. You’ll sleep better at night.

If you’ve been suffering from insomnia, adopting a regular fitness regimen can help you sleep better at night. After your first day at the gym, you’ll sleep like a baby as you’re undoubtedly feeling tired. The following day, you’ll find yourself less sluggish than you were in previous days. After a few more workout sessions, you’ll find your body adopting its natural circadian rhythm.

However, make sure to avoid working out before your bedtime, as it can disrupt your sleep pattern. That makes sense, given that exercise can give you a boost of energy.


4. You’ll be more agile and flexible.

Regular exercise helps you condition your body. After just a couple of weeks, you’d be delighted to feel how much more physical exercises your body can endure.

Those flight of stairs would no longer look as daunting as they used to or your laptop bag wouldn’t feel as heavy as it did. If, perhaps, you had a hard time touching your toes during stretching exercises, then you will most likely be able to after a few workout sessions.

With regular workout, you will be more eager to try out new activities such as hiking, swimming, tennis, cycling, basketball, dancing, trapeze flying, and more. Yes, you’ll find that you’re more athletic, agile, and flexible!


5. You’ll be more confident about yourself.

Because exercise generally makes you feel good, you’ll be more confident about yourself as well. Indeed, working out does amazing things to your self-esteem, what with all the endorphins oozing in your blood.

Additionally, working out will challenge your mental strength and willpower more than your muscles. But, after pushing past what you thought your body was limited to, then you’ll feel more confident about tackling challenging situations.

Not only do you feel more in charge of your health and body, but you’ll also feel more capable of achieving things you never thought possible.


Set your expectations during your first workout session, and gradually increase your goals each day to ease yourself into a routine. Celebrate victories, both big and small, to encourage yourself to keep going. Eventually, you’ll enjoy your workout sessions and look forward to hitting the gym each day.  

With her love for fashion and eye for detail, Louise has managed to combine her role at Pocket with the other aspect of her life that keep her very busy. Louise loves fashion shows and she has worked on high profile campaigns for retail giants such as Cadbury’s, O2 Network, Sony Mobile and Magnum.

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