The Best Post Workout Food to Make at Home

Sometimes, when you’re trying to stay healthy, the workouts are the easy part. The hard bit is ensuring that your hard work doesn’t end up going to waste when you sit down for a post-workout meal.

We’re not just talking calories here. It can be difficult to find nutritious, healthy and filling food that will fully satisfy that after-exercise need for fuel. After a tough workout, you need to amp up the protein, and there are so many foods that can be used to do this.

So, to help you find the best, post workout meal for you, this week we have rounded up some of the best meals that we could find for quick, easy and nutritious meals that would be perfect to enjoy after working up a sweat. And seeing as everyone has a different time of day that they like to get their workout done, we’ve included a selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. Happy eating!



Pancakes. Who doesn’t love pancakes? I don’t know about you, but to me pancakes are a bit of a fancy breakfast. They feel like I’m treating myself and I am all for doing that post Monday morning workout when I would really like to go back to bed. The best thing about pancakes is that they can be as healthy, or as covered in Nutella, as you like. For this post, though, we should probably stick to the more nutritious option.

We found this recipe here for protein pancakes, which are the perfect way to be good to your body whilst still treating yourself in the morning. Coat your pancakes in greek yogurt, berries and honey for an extra protein boost.

Another breakfast that you can customise to exactly what you want: omelettes. Crack some eggs into a jug, whisk them, pour them into a pan and add whatever toppings you fancy for a quick, easy and high protein, post-workout breakfast.



Quinoa seems to be all the rage right now, and rather than being just a trend food, we think it’s here to stay. An excellent option for a post-workout lunch (or dinner, of course) because again, it’s so customisable.

Throw in some chickpeas if you need some extra protein, some veggies, chicken and/or fish, whatever you fancy. Quinoa is quick, easy and filling. Perfect to power you through your afternoon!

Fish fillets are another easy lunch option. Smother a salmon fillet in chilli flakes and garlic (if you’re into spice), bake it in the oven, serve with tender stem broccoli, mushrooms and carrots and enjoy. Easy, healthy and delicious.



Sweet potatoes are another great, versatile source of protein for you to enjoy post-workout. Personally, I would go for sweet potato wedges that have been seasoned with paprika and oregano before being put in the oven, but you could also try a baked sweet potato with some roasted veggies, or maybe even try using slices of sweet potato as an alternative to toast and throw on some toppings. Let your imagination run wild!

Pretty much everyone loves pasta. It’s filling, easy to cook, easy to store in the fridge and it goes with such a huge variety of toppings. For a real protein boost, you can add something like pesto, tuna or chicken for a really filling dish. Or if you feel like giving something new a go, and spending a little bit more time in your kitchen, homemade meatballs are an excellent protein boost and can be made with beef, turkey, chicken, or even tofu.


As always, do let us know if you try out any of our suggestions, or if you have any of our own. We love hearing from you!

Hazel is a twenty two year old Spanish student and lifestyle blogger who is passionate about food, fitness and music, and loves to practice yoga and try out new recipes in her spare time. About to return from her year abroad in Andalucía, Spain, Hazel has joined Pocket Sport as a Content and Social Media intern. Expect new and original content based around food, fitness and how to obtain that healthy lifestyle in a way that best suits you.

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