The Best Playlists for Relaxation

Last week we told you all about the best playlists to listen to when you need some motivation to get through a workout. That post was filled with songs to really get you going, to boost your mood and encourage you to get through those really tough workouts.


This week, though, we’re taking it down a notch and bringing you the best playlists for relaxation; songs that will chill you out and help you relax after a long day, or maybe after a long workout.


As always, Spotify has specific playlists for relaxing, but we have of course gone further than this for you and sought out our own favourites, which we hope you will enjoy too.

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Sunday Morning (Spotify):

The Sunday Morning playlist is all about taking it easy after a busy week. It’s full of acoustic versions of popular songs, with some lesser-known discoveries to be found in there as well.


Mellow Pop (Spotify):

Songs that you have probably heard before, but that you never realised could chill you out so much. This playlist is full of the best tunes to calm you down after a long day.

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Hangover Friendly (Spotify):

We’ve all been there. You went a little too hard the night before and now can’t really deal with loud noises. As the name suggests, the Hangover Friendly playlist is ideal for this situation, but also for any time that you just need to relax and unwind.


Chill Out Dinner (Spotify):

Sometimes dinnertime is the only time that you get to chill out, so we found this playlist to make sure you can do that properly. And the fact that it’s over 5 hours long is just another bonus, you can fit plenty of relaxing dinners in without repeating a song!

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Atmospheric Calm (Spotify):

If you’re looking for an even longer playlist, maybe even one to get you through a good night’s sleep, look no further. We’re pretty sure 8.5hours of relaxing songs should do it for you.


Stress Relief (Spotify):

When you’re stressed, it’s a pretty sure sign that you need to relax, and what better way to do that than with a playlist made specifically for stress relief? Throw on your comfiest clothes, press play, close your eyes and CHILL.


Do you find that music helps you relax? Let us know which albums or playlists are your favourites to chill out to!

Hazel is a twenty two year old Spanish student and lifestyle blogger who is passionate about food, fitness and music, and loves to practice yoga and try out new recipes in her spare time. About to return from her year abroad in Andalucía, Spain, Hazel has joined Pocket Sport as a Content and Social Media intern. Expect new and original content based around food, fitness and how to obtain that healthy lifestyle in a way that best suits you.

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