5 Healthy Lunch Stops in London

Get ready to revitalise your lunch breaks, because we’ve reviewed 5 restaurants in London that serve health in abundance. These healthy lunch stops offer only the freshest food, sure to fill you up and fuel your day. Scroll down to find out the best London spots for a mid-week pick up, or your daily dose of green. Who knows, the source of your next food inspiration may be just around the corner!



Beginning from the simple confinements of a telephone box, Spier’s Salad has now grown into an on the go deli inside the St. James Park underground. Drawing you in with their vibrant display of home-made concoctions, Spier’s selection of salad options covers all the essentials that you are looking for. The specialities here include tabbouleh with chilli and vine tomatoes, and butternut squash with feta and balsamic. Also offering a range of salad box sizes, you can grab your meal for a light lunch, mid afternoon snack or a hearty dinner. Not to mention you can get a free sweet potato with every purchase! With all the salads being super fresh, seasonal and preservative free, they have enough scrumptious salads on offer here to make you wish you bought a large.



Blending in beautifully with the coloured streets of Portobello Road, the Portobello Juice Café will soon be your favourite lunch spot. With an equally chilled out manager to match the café’s relaxing vibe, you’ll want to spend your entire lunch break here. With the menu offering everything from salads, smoothies, and even raw sweets — you’re able to do exactly that. When it comes to the food here, the salad options are protein packed; and each ingredient has been thoughtfully added to compliment the other’s taste. Moving onto the drinks, it is as if the fruit has literally been squeezed from it’s roots in Jamaica. The Super C-Bee is the top recommendation and includes mango, Manuka honey, and Acai berry, making it the perfect healthy treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.



Aside from the enchanting décor at this Heddon Street restaurant, the food served at Tibits will leave you lost for words. Tibits has an  incredibly large selection that just happens to all be vegetarian and/or vegan. The cuisine of flavourful food also takes you around the world, featuring delicacies like beetroot and red lentil curry and marinated silken tofu. However, if you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have the time to suss out every dish, then I’d recommend mixing the roasted cassava chunks with the spinach-kale falafel and apricot chutney. Tibits’ offers the option to either eat in or take-away. Finally, as your food billed is based on how much your plate weighs, this one caters both for your weekday diet and those Happy Fridays.



Now you’ve probably heard of this one before, but that comes with good reason. Although you can find their restaurants dotted around London, the food that Pure offers is far from your average salad chain. Pure delivers fresh food and drinks, hand-made on site so what you see is exactly what you get. This means that the flavours are kept tasty and au natural, so you can be happily assured that your avocado energy salad and Chia Me Up pudding are all preservative free. Keeping up the health kick, there’s also water on tap, giving you all the help you need to check off those eight glasses a day. So, if you normally make lunch at home, but last night’s spin class made you miss your alarm, then pop into Pure for an equally authentic substitute.



Adding to the diverse array of restaurants on Soho’s Greek Street, Balls and Company brings you a chic little restaurant to feed your lunchtime hunger. Courtesy of their small and cosy layout, here you can get the ambience of sizzling food and the smell of fresh exotic aromas.  At Balls and Company, looks can definitely be deceiving, as although everything is served as small plates, these protein packed delights will leave you feeling remarkably full. The menu highlights include chicken meatballs dressed in pesto and spicy edamame kale balls. Although, whichever dish you end up choosing, be sure to compliment it with polenta chips on the side. So if you fancy spicing up your mid-week work lunch, then this is the perfect place for you.

Eleanor Overton is a twenty year old psychology student who is passionate about fashion, food, and fitness. An instructor of her own H.I.I.T workout class, and spending most of her free time in the gym or watching food videos; Eleanor joins the Pocket Sports team as our new Online Features Assistant. Today Eleanor is travelling all over London discovering all the best new gyms, workouts, and latest lifestyle hang outs for all our Inside Pocket Readers. Prepare yourself for style guides, workout tips, food reviews, and a whole lot more!

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